TRIANGL Swim | Affordable Imitation

2015 summer season has been hit with a brand new swimwear brand; TRIANGL. This brand has been worn by many celebs and youtubers, very popular on the east coast of the United States but is now trending everywhere.

This style of swimwear is very simplistic. Early last year I recall VS Pink having very similar styles and they were slowly emerging into trend, but at that time TRIANGL was still practically unknown to consumers.

The brand: right now they are only making bikini’s, but when you purchase the swimwear it includes the top and the matching bottoms. There is no way to mix and match online. All the suits are made of Neoprene; which is a very non stretch material but is also very thick. There are two popular styles; Poppy, Milly, and Lily. So far have very good reviews. Price range; $79-$89 usd.

AFFORDABLE IMITATION: In all honesty, while the material sounds great, I do like to have a more body fitting type of swimwear, nothing too stiff. Although I am in love with the style! So I went hunting for q great imitation, since TRI14194048-10394-01jpgANGL doesn’t have a logo on their swimwear anyways.

ardeneARDENE: carries the same 4 popular styles, many color choices and is only $30 regular price for the set (and they always have deals). Swimwear always changes styles and I have actually been very impressed with how long Ardene swimwear lasts and keeps their quality. (They are made of a thinner Neoprene than TRIANGL). You can also mix and match!

Personally if I had a choice, I would choose Ardene. While TRIANGL is an average high end price point for people who can afford it, after trying on the imitation from Ardene, I am just in love. Let me know how much is too much for swimwear?

*** Update *** Recently retailers have been creating more imitations of the TRIANGL swimwear. Here are some links to the other swim suits :

Victoria’s Secret PINK – Tops || Garage Clothing – Both || Aerie – Tops || Aerie – Bottoms || H&M – Both || Note: Not neopriene but look-a-likes

© Addie-Eliza, 2015.


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