Feel Alive | Spring Beauty Essentials

Beauty can be tricky, how do I know? I have recently redone my beauty collection, starting from scratch. I have watched many Youtube videos and read many product reviews to find the most essential products to have. I pride myself on being a savvy saver, so when I do splurge I want to know that it is worth it. Here is what I have found:

  • Body Lotion and Moisturizer
    •  keep your skin feeling super fresh! It will help brighten your face, make your skin softer and enhance your mood. I would really suggest getting a travel sized lotion to keep in your take-along makeup bag. I would suggest BATH AND BODY WORKS for body lotion, and CLIQUE for face moisturizer (worth the money!)
  • White or Nude Nail Polish
    • it is a basic, you will get a lot of use out of it. White nail polish is very in trend this Spring 2015 season, you will get many compliments! And nude nails are always a must, while simple, it will give you a nice clean look. Also, very simple to patch up! RGB is the queen of Nail Polish, but I would suggest REVLON as a great alternative!
  • Naturally Nude Lippies (Lipsticks)
    • timeless must-have! Everyone needs a nice nude lip in their makeup collection, its a true essential. I have been loving these “Lippies” because it is so easy to fill in your lips and touch up when needed. CLIQUE is one of the first to sell Lippies, and they are very worth the money, but ANNABELLE cosmetics has great lip products as well!
  • Top Trending Mascara
    • BENEFIT cosmetics have always been talked about for their mascaras, and while I am not one to give in to pricey makeup trends, I have not found one person who does not love this mascara. There is nothing to compare. I would recommend this to anyone but it is a great investment for those who wear minimal makeup and want their eyes to stand out.
  • Brush Brush Brushes
    • recently, I have bought brushes from TARGET and I am in love. You don’t always have to have expensive brushes to make your makeup work. I would suggest buying a blush brush and eye shadow brush. Those are the two must haves to any collection.
  • Everyday Nudes Pallet
    • keep it simple. A nudes eye shadow pallet will become your go to, everyday pallet. This NYX pallet is amazing. You get 6 colors for an amazing $10 price. Note: first time you use the pallet the colors are stiff, after the second use it will get better I promise!
  • Anti-Tan Bronzer
    • say no to tanning! Tanning can be super bad and damaging to your skin. Protect your skin and add color from bronzer, no one will know the difference! I love all PHYSICIANS FORMULA powders, they last forever and look amazing on the skin. While it is a drugstore brand, the product is beyond amazing quality.

© Addie-Eliza, 2015.


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