Rimmel 25hr Foundation | The Review

Rating: ****/5

Foundations have never been my friend. Every time I have previously tried a foundation, I have encountered many different issues. But recently at my place of work, this foundation was on sale for a great price. So, since I can never pass up a great deal, I decided to research the product before purchasing.

What I found was that reviews were very unhelpful. People either loved or hated the product. So here is my review and list of the benefits of the product since I loved the product and feel as though the reviews did not review the product properly.

  • Truly matches natural skin tones. 
    • when applying the product you see the tinted colour, but when you start to work it into your face you can see the colour begins to change and match your unique skin tone.
  • Combination skin perfection.
    • I have combination skin, meaning some parts are oily, dry and normal. This foundations works all areas! It matteifies my oily nose and leaves the rest of my face feeling fresh. (touch up: apply powder after 4-5 hours on oily spots)
  • Weightless long wearing.
    • it stays true to the long wearing formula. I have worn this through the night, woke up and still looked amazing with no transfer on my clothes or sheets. I hate feeling like a cake face, and this foundation feels as if you are barely wearing makeup (hence forgetting to take it off). Also for myself it did not give me any breakouts.

Those are the biggest positives that I have found with this product. One negative is that once put it on, it feels a bit tacky on the face, but once it sets on the skin it finishes great!

I really suggest you try this product! But I would love to know what are some other great foundations to try?

© Addie-Eliza, 2015.


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