5 Minute Makeup Routine | Easy for Everyone

Makeup, the world of cosmetics.

I have seen people take an hour to do a full face of makeup. There are even “challenges” on youtube of people trying to do their makeup super quickly. But for myself, my makeup routine has always been so quick, I have even done the same routine in the car on my way to some place (in the passenger seat of course). From my point of view I do not understand the purpose of the hour long makeup application process since mine on average takes 5-10 minutes.

Here are my steps to my everyday/every occasion makeup routine. (Bold words are things I use by themselves when I do not feel like doing a full face routine):

  • Keep all your supplies ready at all times (easy to grab)
    • I use a shot glass to hold a foundation brush, powder brush and eye shadow brush
    • A shallow box to hold my products and other tools
  • Primer (Mayballine Baby Skin) on my nose – finger applies
  • Foundation (Rimmel 25 hr stay) – dab all over face and smooth with brush
    • foundation covers your whole face anyways so no need for precision (smooth with hands to even it out)
  • Eyeshadow: All over lid and one crease/smokey colour (NYX Neautrals Pallet) -fingers or brush
  • Mascara (Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion Waterproof or any one I am using at that time)
  • Concealer: under eyes (Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous) – simple – blend with finger
  • Finishing Powder (Physicians Formula Correcting Powder) – powder brush
  • Lipstick – I usually stick with whatever one I find in my cosmetic drawer

That is all, you are all set! 7 products for a great look. An eyeshadow palette will allow you to change up the look without a lot of work. All of the products are drugstore products that are amazing quality and have always recommended to people.

Try this look for 3 days, by the third day you will be able to do it within 5 minutes. Most days you do not even need primer or foundation. Get a really great concealer and tinted finishing powder and your face is set!

Now I just want to say a few words: I do not wear makeup everyday. I love makeup, I love trying new products. I wear makeup for fun, not because I feel as though I need it. I encourage everyone to be confident with their natural, makeupless face, before they begin using makeup. Be confident in yourself, use makeup as a tool to highlight what you love.

© Addie-Eliza, 2015.


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