Garage Clothing | Brand Review

I feel as though I have been speaking a lot about the different brands that I go to in my local mall (Devonshire Mall). One of my go to stores is Garage. Below I give a bit of brand info., and my review about their style, quality and customer service.

*Click HERE to go to GARAGE online*

Here is a little back story: Garage is a Canadian company that originated in Montreal. The company owns both Garage and their other clothing brand called Dynamite. They have over 300 stores worldwide, but a large amount of stores appear in North America.

Style: Garage is always on trend! They carry mostly casual clothes, a lot of basic essentials that everyone needs in their closets. Their leggings are very popular and comfortable (read more below), their plaid shirts are ‘to die for’, and their dresses are very very flattering shapes. Those are probably my top three styles that I shop from there. In addition I have purchased many basic tanks and tees from them, and have worn them non-stop. The jeans and shorts for this season are great! Everything is very well designed, and very very on trend every single season.

Quality: Now, I wish I could say their quality for everything is great, but, I think it really depends on a person’s quality preference. As I mentioned before, their leggings are very comfortable! But, for myself my thighs touch and I find that their leggings fuzz out quickly, not only in the thighs but the whole pant. Although that was only my experience, everyone else who owned them did not experience this. Their cross back dress that I purchased, is my all time favorite LBD. Their jeans along with their tees and tanks are very long lasting. Sizing is also pretty consistent unless garment is supposed to run oversized. The quality you get is worth the price you pay for the clothing.

Customer Service: This is both online and in store. I love shopping at Garage online. Their size charts are very helpful, for every item I have ordered I have always followed their sizing guide and the clothes have always fit. When I have called for assistance when ordering online or to track my order, the assistant was always very kind and helpful. In stores the employees have also been very kind. Always making sure you are informed about their promotions (their sales and promotions are great!) and to make sure you are ‘finding everything alright’. No complaints!

Overall I think Garage is a great store, it is so nice to have a store that I love very much be a Canadian created store. I remember shopping at Garage when I was in my early teens, and now in my twenties I am still able to find great basic and staple pieces!


© Addie-Eliza, 2015.


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