#campinghacks? | First Time Camper

Yes I am twenty years old, and yes I have never been camping. New experience!

While it may be assumed that I am clueless on this topic, I have come up with some hacks that were inspired by youtubers, and pinners (pinterest peoples). Camping in a cabin still counts in this situation. Just instead of a tent over my head it is a log roof. I still need a lot of the essentials that tent campers would need.

First, this camping trip was a surprise, and I had recently just re-did my closet and donated all my old clothes. Now I am wishing I kept them. For camping you don’t want to wear new clothes, because they have a fifty percent chance of getting ruined.

So, invest in cheap clothing! Don’t wear anything white because it will get dirty quickly, instead wear navy, grey or black, or wear colours, since they will not attract the sun as much. I bought some great shorts from Bluenotes for $6 that I could use as pajama shorts later! (Tip: just because Walmart is well Walmart, doesn’t mean it is cheap, look around.)

Don’t bring perfume of scented lotion, bug spray and sun screen will replace them. Anything floral or sweet scented will attract mosquitoes and bugs, which I would personally like to avoid. Instead of bug spray I have found that bounce dryer sheets are a great replacement. In addition, a tan is nice, but a burn is not. Try not to get burned because it is unhealthy and very painful! If you attract sun easily (like me) use SPF 30, this will protect from burn but allow a tan. I have also seen that baby lotion can act as a bug repellent as well!

Make an activity guide! There are so many great things you can do at a camp ground. I have planned to do some sort of exercise on the beach every day: yoga, running, cardio. I have also bought a new book that I hope to finish. I have found that there is kayak rentals, so I shall do that as well. Nature photo walks. Watching the sunset and sunrise. Glow sticks by the campfire. Smore’s. Relax.

Lastly, how to pack. While I feel silly bringing a suit case camping (I feel like I should bring a backpack), bring something large that you can fit all your stuff nice and neatly. Be as organized as you can. Bring day time clothes and night clothes (sweaters and pants will be needed at night to avoid bugs). Bring throw away flip-flops to use in the shower and bathrooms. Bring a sharpie to mark your cups when drinking.  Bring all health aids you could need such as tylonal, vitamins, polysporin, and band-aids. If you like lists, make one!

While this isn’t all that you need for camping, but it is a great way to start. Again I am not an expert, just a girl who does her research.

© Addie-Eliza, 2015.


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