The Bra-less Week | Everything You Want To Know

Yes, it is possible, and I promise you will learn a lot about yourself and what you like. I have never been a bra type of person. I have a hard time finding one that is my perfect size, like a very difficult time. So I do resort to sports bras and bralettes when I really do not feel like being uncomfortable. I am not new to this “no bra” ideal.

I decided to step out of my comfort zone the week I went camping. During my camping trip I did not bring any bras. I brought two bralettes, and one sports bra along side my bathing suit tops (that is kind of cheating but it is okay!).

The Goal : do not wear a traditional wired bra for a whole week.

Already my goal is somewhat complete by not bringing any bras with me on this trip, because I know at home it is not as easy to avoid normal routine and put one on. My true purpose was really to wear the non-traditional bras thats I did bring as little as possible.

The first day, I chose to just jump right into it and go bare. I chose a flowy non see through top to be more comfortable. To my surprise it was fun! No re-adjusting, no feeling of pressure, no pain. You are literally free as far as your boobs are concerned. At the end of the night you will realize how relieved you will feel about not having the indents on your body that are red and sometimes painful to the touch. For me at least, I felt as though my boobs looked better then normal at the end of the day, there was no sagging they were just there and well shaped. I felt happy. My body felt happy.

Throughout the week I did alternate between being free and the non-traditional bras that I had brought with me. At the end of the week, I truely felt grade about my body. In addition I feel as though my body was better shaped, I did not have the “back fat” that bras can cause and my boobs looked natural. When I got home, I wore a bra the very next day to see if there was a difference. Personally wearing a bra is very uncomfortable and constricting, to be it is unnatural and I really missed the feeling of free-ness.

I know that not wearing a bra isn’t always acceptable, but I do think it is something to try. Start slow, find unlined sports bras (I will list some below), and when you finally decide to go free but you think you may be uncomfortable, wear a hoody or an active top. if you go very loose or very tight it will help you become abit more comfortable with the idea, and by this way no one will notice! But along with that, I doubt no one will notice anyways. While people do look at boobs, no one is looking specifically to see ‘is she wearing a bra today’. If you are worried about anything you can always get pasties to put over nipples since nipples showing was personally my only concern. But this is something you will learn about yourself when you try.

I just wanted to add that I myself am very small chested, it is a little bit easier to get away with, but I know many girls who are chestier and have gone braless and said that it still works for them! Any size boobs can be free.

This post was inspired by : Kristin’s Braless Week 

Non-Traditional Bras: Victoria’s Secret // Aerie // Forever 21 // Charlotte Russe


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