Original Beauty Blender Disaster | Before You Buy

I am so sad to report this, but  you need to know …

My Beauty Blender Grew Mold!

Now lets get logical for a minute. Yes this was bound to happen. When a sponge gets wet, and is mixed with warm or confined areas, mold begins to form. Unless you take proper care of the sponge and wash it all the time. So I thought.

I received my TheOriginal Beauty Blender from Birchbox as an incentive to sign up for their subscription box. ( This is not Birchbox’s fault! ) I do love the Birchbox subscription service, and do not blame them at all for this happening. I was super excited to receive this product since it is over a $30 value retail! Great deal for me. Anyways …

Since I do not use foundation often, I found that I only used my Beauty Blender maybe twice a week, sometimes less. When I did use the sponge it was always in times when I was not in a rush so I cleaned it after every use (which was a pain), and then when I was finished with it I just left it out to dry on my dresser because I have heard before that putting it back in the container it can develop mold. I fell inlove with the sponge and thought that it did its job very well!

One day, I decided to clean all my makeup tools in which I also cleaned the beauty blended because I thought it was still a bit dirty. I noticed black marks along with the typical skin toned makeup, I just assumed the black marks was from it possibly touching mascara or eyeliner.

When cleaning my tools I always use baby shampoo. It works very well and is cost effective. When cleaning the sponge I noticed the black marks were not coming out, no matter how many times I cleaned it, let it dry and cleaned it again, a process I did about three times. I started to wonder why it was not coming out, so I researched. Only answer I found was that it could be mold.

At this point in time I had only had the sponge for 2 and a half months, and as mentioned I did not use it all the time. When reading online many say it lasts at least 6 months. Since the black marks were not coming off and the only possible answer was mold I did not have any other choice but to throw it away.

I did not want to put mold on my face! It can be very very bad for anyone to be around mold. I already knew I was going to throw it away, I decided to cut it first to see if it was mold. If it was not, then I would purchase another, atleast that is how I justified my decision. Basically, when I cut it in half, the inside was full of black marks. Who knows how long the mold was growing until it finally reached the outer edge of the sponge.

After this experience, I told many of my friends and family to check their blenders, or not to purchase this product. I do not want their health at risk. Especially, the price is high for this product and while I did not pay retail, I did not want their money to go to waste.

I did fall inlove with using the sponge to blend in foundation. So I hunted down a replacement.

Tips to find a good blender:
Light or White in colour
(if it does grow mold, you can see it easier than the original hot pink)
Under $10
(do not spend a lot on something you are going to throw away in a few months)
Do Your Research
(know how to clean and take care of a sponge so atleast you can say you tried)

My replacement was : a $10 Joe Fresh White Blending sponge in the Teardrop Shape from The Superstore. So far it is a great knock off for the original beauty blender!

© Addie-Eliza, 2015.


2 thoughts on “Original Beauty Blender Disaster | Before You Buy

  1. I’ve never actually used the beauty blender because I tend to stick with brushes, but your experience is super gross and scary!! Glad you shared this so that others can be more aware, since we tend to believe what the manufacturer tells us about how long a product lasts. Hope you have a chance to check out my blog as well!


  2. OMG. I just looked at mine after reading this hahah! My beauty blender sat in my room for 6 months before I started using just this month, and I’ve only used it for 3x since I’m not really a fan of it. I always clean it after every use with my Sephora brush cleaner. Now I’m kinda scared to use it.


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