Rimmel Nude Lips Collection by Kate | Test It Out

While at work I stumbled upon these Rimmel Lipsticks by Kate that were not the traditional Black and Red packaging. So immediately I knew what that meant: NEW COLLECTION! Swatches and review are below *

Recently “nudes” have been one of the top makeup trends, whether it be eye shadow, lipstick or nail polish. Even face products are more matte than before making them more ‘nude’ or natural. There has been a lot of controversy about people classifying nude as a fair beige color and claiming it to be discriminating. In my opinion “nude” is whatever natural skin color you are, most makeup companies that carry ‘nude’ products there are a variety of colors that are intended to match every tone. After speaking with makeup artists I was informed about Rimmel color choices. To their knowledge, since Rimmel is a London based company they tend to make fairer toned colors, even the deep tones can still be fair. This is because of their base clients, they are known for their fair tones but their cosmetics are said to be compatible with many natural skin tones!

Now onto the products!

WP_20150722_005                       WP_20150722n_006

When I saw the colors in the tube (especially number 40) I thought they were super light !!! They were very similar to the colors of their stickers on the packaging that you can see above ^ (these pictures are not edited other than the numbers). I knew that to get the true effect I had to try them out for myself, but since I have small lips, I decided to use my arm. *thumbs up for pale skin so you can see the true colors of the product*

The colors look a lot better when they are on rather than just in the tube, don’t let the tube scare you away. There are two that are more orange tones, and two that are more rosey toned. Personally number 45 was my favorite. The collection is very small, there are only these four colors which is abit disappointing, but in the original collection (black and red packaging) there are nude colors there as well, this is just an addition the the originals in my opinion.

Consistency and texture are really nice. They are very smooth and you can feel the hydration power once you put them on. Pigmentation is also good, the swatches were just two swipes of each color. You can keep layering for more color, or keep it light. I just found that they looked very nice on the lips, since it is a ‘nude’ they colors are made to be timeless and easy to pair with. These lips would look great with a nice sharp eyeliner or smokey shadow look.

Rating : ****/5

© Addie-Eliza, 2015.
This blog owns rights to the photos used.


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