Starbucks “Best Drinks” List | What To Order

While I don’t think of myself as an addict, my friends will tell you otherwise. Every year for my birthday I always get atleast $60 worth of Starbucks Gift Cards for my birthday, they always feed my ‘addiction’. When I do go with friends and they tell me to order for them, I find that these drinks are the ones I order the most often, and they seem to love!

  • Iced Coffee with Milk and Hazelnut 
    • The drink I order most often! Classic, flavorful and everyone seems to love it! The hazelnut balances the coffee taste and you don’t taste it coffee too much. Also, it is one of the most cost effective drinks.
  • Caramel Macchiato (Iced or Hot)
    • Another great drink! It is pricier but worth it. It does remind me of the above drink but a stronger version. In the ‘iced’ you tasted more sweet, in the ‘hot’ you taste more of the espresso.
  • Iced Peach Green Tea
    • (With or without Lemonade) Both taste amazing. Not everyone likes coffee so this is a great tea drink. I cannot express how yummy this drink tastes! The new Mango Black Tea is also pretty great!
  • Limeade Refresher
    • Now this is one not on the menu. You order it by saying “Cool Lime Refresher with Lemonade instead of Water”. I love citrus a lot, so this is a great relaxing drink!
  • Caffe Mocha 
    • Very classic drink. I have never had a bad mocha before. It is a very safe drink for someone who likes the classics that have great chocolaty flavor.
  • Cookies and Creme Frappuccino
    • Another not-on-the-menu drink, but it is soooooooo yummy. There is no coffee in this drink so it is great for no coffee people. It is also great for kids! Here is how to order : CLICK ME
  • Mocha Coconut Frappuccino
    • So I love coconut, I had to add this one in just because I love it so much. Every time I drink it I feel like I am in a tropical place. (There is come coffee because it is a mocha)

That is all my current favorites and recommendations! Now I know everyone has there own preferences, but these are the ones that the people in my life seem to love a long with myself. I have always preferred cold drinks hence why majority are cold, but I am going to try more warm drinks when the weather begins to get colder. Maybe I will update this later on.

I am a Starbucks gold card member, which I love because you get a lot of great coupons and deals and even free drinks. I would recommend having a Starbucks card (even if its not a gold one) because the offers are really great. When I do receive offers such as ‘buy one get one free drinks’ it is a great excuse to hangout and have a great time chatting with my friends. We all need a break some times to just socialize.

Link to Starbucks Website

© Addie-Eliza, 2015.


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