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Planners and agendas are a life necessity, and now they have become trendy, which I love! But, now there is a lot more variety to choose from and it can be a bit overwhelming. So far I have purchased two agendas that have failed and I have passed them on to friends in need. Now I have purchased another and I think it may be “the one”.

If you are struggling to find a cute planner to organize your life and suit your needs, here is my review of the trendiest planners this year! Hopefully you will find one you love on the first try.

** Planners and agendas relieve a lot of stress and tension on your brain/memory **

See below if you are interested to know which agenda I have purchased for this 2015/2016 year!

Kate Spade ♠


Kate Spade is one of the trendiest brands right now. Her bags, jewelry and stationary are just so chic and simple you cant help but love the brand. I saw a lot more people using these last year but they are still very popular. Very clean and simple layout on the inside, muted or neutral colors. The outside looks bonded but inside are actually coils. There are whole month calender’s and weekly planning sections. In the weekly sections, it is a horizontal layout with lines going from Monday to Sunday. It is a 16 month planner. August 2015 to December 2016.


They come in a small or a large size. Multiple patterns. Price is $32 or $34.

Lilly Pulitzer

So personal back story, I won an gift card, and I purchased this agenda with it. I waited 6 weeks and it was back ordered 3 times. So I struggled a lot of this agenda. Received it and it was so small. I was very disappointed. The amazon seller included the coil in the size and did not state that. Anyways! About the agenda. The design of the agenda is adorable, it is a very tropical resort theme throughout the agenda. It appealed to me a lot since it is nice to have a very tropical lovely feel to an agenda. The covers are different from one another so it can fit to your preference, personally I love the Wild Confetti print.


The pages are abit thin and my fear is that they will rip easily if not careful. Inside it includes monthly pages and weekly pages. Weekly pages are also lines and designed out very similarly to the Kate Spade planner but this one has decorations and designs on each of the pages which look really pretty! I find that this is more of a fun agenda to remember little things but for myself who needs it for organization it was not practical. Ouu, it also includes stickers!052_HCD1103_ufig14There are four different sizes: small (don’t recommend), medium, large and jumbo, and they range from $17- $34. (Pictures are of the Jumbo size)

Peter Pauper Press

This is my “holy grail” stationary brand. My agendas from the past two years (2014, 2015) have been from this brand.


These agendas are very sleek, thin and compact. Perfect to keep in a backpack or a bag. The are binded like a book and have an elastic to hold it together much like the others. This agenda is only weekly. You have blank space (no lines) for Monday to Sunday, but there is no monthly overview pages. If you like vintage, rustic, comforting things this is the agenda for you. When I write in them there is just a sense of comfort having very clean simple pages. the quality is so nice on these agendas. If you check out my Instagram you are sure to find them pop up in some old photos. Not many people know of this brand but for those who do, you fall inlove with it quickly. Another nice thing is the paper is great quality, for people who are like me and love using sharpies, you will really enjoy this brand!

Comes in one size, many different patterns and costs $12.99
This year 2015-2016 agenda!

Probably a couple months ago I saw this brand in Nordstrom and really wanted one of their coffee mugs (this one). Sadly I had already bough a mug and didn’t need another but I decided to write down the name. Came home went online to their site and was surprised at how many things I loved. But since I live in Canada I thought I would never be able to buy their agenda.
A few weeks ago I went into Chapters at my local mall (Devonshire Mall) and found that they began carrying products. Of course I took this as a sign and purchased an agenda right away.

052_HCD1103_ufig14This agenda/planner has all the things I love about the others in one perfect place. The chic stylish outward design is to die for and the design range is great, similar to Kate Spade. The inside creativity of the page designs remind me of Lilly Pulitzer. And the simplicity of the layout and blank writing sections reminds me of Peter Pauper. Inside there are creative to-do tips, note sections and important dates. The layout is that each month is its own tab so it is easy to find. Each month has a monthly overview along with weekly sections that are blank (unlined) spots going from Monday to Sunday. The agenda also comes with cute stickers to add a personal touch. The design is very sleek and doodle based so it is both fun and practical.


It comes in two sizes, small (binded) or large (coiled).
The price is $24 or $32 and you can see some of the great designs above!
I own the gold designed named Ring Leader

Hope you enjoyed these reviews!
I would love to know of some other great stationary brands!

3/4 of these agendas can be found at Chapters.Indigo

Happy Shopping!

© AmandaMallie, 2015.


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