Falling for Fall Favorites | Youtube Tag on a Blog

So yes, I am a Youtube addict. But I love Blogging more. I saw Loeylane do this tag that was created by another youtuber (I think Jaclyn Hill) and I thought this would be a great idea so that I can share my favourite things for this season! Most of these are essentials that I can’t live without ♥

If you are interested in some of my monthly favourites, you can check out my Influenster! I have a list of favourites for each month, and you can easily see reviews and where to purchase the products! (**LINK**)

Favorite Candle
I adore Bath and Body Works Candles, but this autumn I am loving my candle melts. I have purchased my Ambiescents Melting Pot from Green Earth which is a really amazing and unique store, very fun to walk in. My pot is a very basic style that is versatile for all decor, it is called Crown Fleur (brown). And the specific scent I am loving is called Vanilla Pumpkin Cream. Usually I take one cube and melt it, and I remelt it several times a week, until the scent is no longer there. It is a very affordable option for candles! 

Favorite Lip Color
This one was a bit more difficult for me, only because I don’t wear lipstick often. For a Nude Lip I have been loving Maybelline Matte Daringly Nude. This is such a great natural colour that really compliments my skin tone. It is truly matte but I find it is still hydrating! For a Dark Lip I have been using Maybelline ColorBlur in Plum, Please. It is very buildable, matte and very long wearing!51bcb68106d3479ea229f867450beb5a

Favorite Drink
Yes this has been a pretty easy one! Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte. While I love this very much, it is a little too sweet for me to be drinking all the time. I would highly recommend trying to make your own! Soon I will be sharing my make at home PSL recipe.

Favorite Clothing Item
This is very difficult to choose just one! But I would have to say I have recently purchased this and have been loving it soooo much! It is an imitation for Roots Cabin Cardigan and it is the Bluenotes Camp Collection Cardigan. It is over $60 cheaper and the quality is the same (my aunt owns the Roots one so I have been able to compare them) They both do fuzz out a bit but it just makes them even more comfortable! Secondly, I love plaid for fall as many others do as well. I love my Forever 21 Plaid Button-Down, it is a very good quality and has lasted me two years already!

Favorite Fall Movie
Nightmare Before Christmas! This is just a classic movie that I always watch in the fall and in the winter. The songs are great and catchy, it is a family movie so everyone can watch it together, and personally I can watch it so many times and it never gets old. Plus overall I am just a huge Disney fan and Tim Burton.

Favorite Fall TV Show

Another easy question, I love The Flash and Supergirl. I think these are both great shows, The Flash season one was amazing and season two is very great so far, already addicted! And while Supergirl just started, I see a lot of similarities between the ways the shows are written so judging by the first episode I am excited to see more. I would really suggest watching The CW Network, they have a lot of great shows.

Favorite Halloween Costume
My favourite halloween costume is a classic for myself, because my name is Amanda I often get called Amanda Panda, so I thought I would be ‘clever’ and be a Panda! It can be a very adorable costume and it makes people smile because they think it is cute and funny. But this year at work I will be wearing one of my old dance costumes (a light pink dress) and add a few accessories and be Clara from the Nutcracker Ballet.

I had a lot of fun writing this post and I hope you enjoyed reading and learning a bit about myself and my interests. You should try this as well!

Youtubers that have done this tag :
LoeyLane // Jaclyn Hill // Kathleen Lights // Makeup Geek

© AmandaMallie, 2015.


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