Carry This At All Times | Hacks For Clear Nail Polish

I think that everyone I know, knows that I use clear nail polish for everything. I really should start to carry it around with me in my purse because it can fix so many problems that I encounter. I finally decided to write a list of all the ways I use clear nail polish! It may save your day. * 8 very helpful tips *

A bit of a back story, I was a dancer for about 13 years. Dancers almost always wear tights/nylons. Well when rolling around on floors and stretching in weird ways, the tights are bound to rip. To prevent the run from further ripping you would add a bit of clear nail polish at the ends and it wouldn’t run anymore! This is how I began to carry around clear nail polish with me.


Here are 8 helpful ways to use :

  1. Stopping rips and runs in nylons/tights.
    Apply some clear nail polish around the edges of the rip to prevent it from getting worse.
  2. Preventing fake jewelry from discoloration.
    Fake jewelry always seems to turn my neck green, so I put a coat of clear nail polish on the chain and it prevents this for occurring for a while!
  3. No more missing jewels.
    Put a coat or two on fake jewels to prevent them from falling off (I use this on shoes with jewels as well)
  4. Keep ribbons and clothes from fraying.
    When cutting ribbons put this on the edge to reduce frying and pulling. If there is a loose string on a top I do this as well.
  5. To fix a broken nail.
    Have a nail that wants to break off? Put a coat to re-mend the nail for a short amount of time.
  6. No more missing buttons.
    Put clear nail polish in the middle part of all buttons to prevent the thread from coming loose. (Life saver for button down shirts!)
  7. Save all your clothes from ripping.
    Similar to the first suggestion, but put clear nail polish on your clothes if you find a tiny hole. The polish will prevent from it further ripping, clothes are saved.
  8. Keep ripped jeans in perfect condition.
    Now I love ripped jeans, but after wearing them for a while the strings where the rip is begins to break, making it just a hole … When first buying the jeans just clear nail polish on those strings, it will last through the wash and just re apply when needed.


That is all I have but there are many other uses! But I solely wanted to focus on beauty and fashion uses! I really hope it helped you in some way and can save you in times of a disaster! You can buy clear nail polish online at any beauty retailer. Even cheap ones work, you can get them as low as $.99! 


© AmandaMallie, 2016.


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