The Importance of Self Love | Opinions Shared

Valentine’s day is less than a month away, and while I will be making a post about how to have a successful relationship (because I love relationships!), I want everyone to know why I think Loving Yourself is the first step to being able to find love in others. It may sound cliche but this may be a bit of a different take on it than others! I’ve never made a post like this before but I would love to start and share my not-always-popular views on things.

Yesterday was #BellLetsTalk, a day to raise awareness about mental health. Personally, I believe self love begins with the way in which you tend to your mental health.

I myself have faced mental health dilemmas. My journey began with depression, so many negative thoughts about myself and how I was nothing and hopeless. Once the constant sadness began to disappear, I developed panic attacks. The panic attacks were mostly bi-nightly, anything could set me off, but I began to realize that once I cried it away, I would feel better. This is probably when my transition to self love began. I was aware that, it’s okay to be sad sometimes, it’s okay to give in and let it out, express those emotions that I have always kept hidden. Eventually the panic attacks disappeared, and I was at prime mental health for a year. Following that time, I began to slowly develop anxiety, and it something I still battle with today, but most of the time I win.

Emotions are good, all of them! Knowing how you feel what you feel and why you feel it, is very important to who you are. Sometimes, just stop and wonder, and think about your thoughts.

In addition to personal self love, physical self love is important as well. Our bodies can be changed or enhanced. 

Again, I struggled with not loving my body. Which I feel is something everyone faces at some point. But there are ways to change it. There are ways to both loose and gain weight. Yes, some who are thin want to be larger as well, it doesn’t only go one way. How ever you choose to do this, please do it healthily, through monitored eating strategies or planned fitness. In addition to this, loving your face is important. I did not like alot about my face, but I had always loved my eyes, I wanted my eyes to be the things people focused on when they see me. I used makeup to enhance my eyes, and knowing that they were the focus point, made me feel confident about my appearance. Eventually I have become happy with myself, but it was a process.

I wanted to share my story of how I found self love. To show others who may face struggles, that positivity is always there if your willing to find it.

Here is a personality quiz. There are 16 types of personalities and everyone is a combination of things. I have taken this quiz first year psychology, and tend to re take it time to time. The questions really make you have an insight into who you are.

© Amanda Mallie, 2016


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