March 2016 | Monthly Favourites

Monthly favorites time! This month has been very relaxing and stressful at the same time. I’ve cleaned my makeup and my clothes drawers so I have been using a lot of things that I forgot I had, in addition to trying some new things! Hope you enjoy ♥


  • L’Oreal La Couleur Infallible : Infinite Sky & Iced Latte
    • Infinite Sky is such a beautiful, Cinderella like blue. Very build-able so you get get as much colour as you want. I use the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (discussed bellow) as a base. I put this on the outer half of my eye with just a bit of black to darker the outer corner and under the eye, and it looks stunning!
    • Iced Latte is such a beautiful shade! Great to wear everyday and adds that big of shimmer on your lid. Probably my favorite is to wear this all over my lid, tightline my eyes with black and then having voluminous lashes!
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil : Milky White
    • Ususally I just use concealer as an eyeshadow base but after watching many Youtubes videos as well as finally being able to purchase NYX products from Shoppers Drug Mart (YAY!) I have decided to try out this technique.
    • If applied thick it is a great sticky base for glitter shadows, but even a thin layer is great to use to bring out the shadow colour more than usually. It also helps prevent creasing, which is a problem I encounter a lot!
  • Pantene Pro.V : BB Shampoo
    • I love Pantene, this is not something new. But what is new is their BB cream shampoo! All month I have consistently use this shampoo and I have seen a huge difference in the hydration in my hair. It makes my hair feeling soft and smooth while holding a bouncy curl or wave. It truly brings out the life of my hair!
  • VS Pink : Classic Fold Over Leggings Victorias-Secret-yoga-pants_6
    • I have been wearing these a lot lately! This is VS Pink’s original style of leggings and crops which are the Fold Over Waist Band Legging. These leggings really hold in your body and add just the right amount of compression while still feeling like a second skin. I also love that the ones I own have a colourful waist band, while you never see it, its still fun to have on to brighten the mood, like you have a secret! Or you could show it when wearing neutrals for a pop of colour and pattern.
  • Fitbit : Fitbit Flex
    • This month I did finally sign up for a gym membership, but in addition, I’ve began to wear my Fitbit Flex that I received for christmas. I find that wearing it is encouraging to be more active and walk a lot more than I usually would. I have taken the stairs more and have began parking farther down the parking lot so that I will have more so walk. It feels so great when you can hit that 10 thousand step goal! I also love that you can change the bands, although recently I have been sticking to my plain black band.
  • Mixed Vegetables
    • While this isn’t really linkable, I have been loving eating mixed vegetables. I have been eating it more often than I have been chips! I find that when there are different vegetables I get less bored of the flavours. I use the Green Giant frozen veggies a lot and just add a tiny amount of butter, but cutting and cooking fresh veggies is really good as well!


I have found that during March I had been trying a lot more make up compared to other months, but I didn’t want to solely focus on makeup. I have also begun to think about my health and simple ways that I myself can begin to be healthy and feel better. This month was also full of exams, essays and birthdays, along with Easter. Very busy month to say the least but I love being busy, I don’t slack off as much! I am very excited for April.
A lot of new things to come.

© Amanda Mallie, 2016


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