TRIANGL Swimwear | Affordable Imitation 2016

Love the look of the infamous TRIANGL swimwear, but can’t afford the real thing? Don’t fret, MANY brands have look alikes or ‘dupes’ for this very popular swimwear brand. Last year I made a post like this and to this day it is viewed constantly, so I thought I would make an updated version, and I can tell you, you will fall in love with the swim suits and the prices!!

Let’s Begin!

Below you will see the 5 Classic and Most Popular styles from TRIANGL, and these are the bikini’s in which I have found “dupe’s” for. These bikini’s range from $79-$89 for the set.

triangl bikini

TRIANGL is known for their use of high quality Neoprene in their swim wear. They are a brand dedicated to swim wear and ensuring the satisfaction of the customers. While I would love to own one of these bikini’s, the fashion market has made it accessible for customers to purchase similar looking swimwear for a fraction of the price; hence being an #affordableimitation.

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Here are a few more stores that carry only a few similar products:

Forever 21 CHLOE | Forever 21 MILLY | Bluenotes CHLOE | Bluenotes MILLY | Garage GIGI

I really do hope this helps! If all else fails, you can always look on AMAZON.CA or AMAZON.COM. The reason I did not link these sites is that the swimwear bought online is very hit or miss. Before buying from Amazon, please read the reviews before buying!

© Amanda Mallie, 2016


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