W7 Eyeshadow Palettes | Dupe for Urban Decay?

Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow Pallets have become a cult classic for all those who love makeup, and especially eye shadow! But, I personally think it is a little silly to spend $54 on an eye shadow palette. So I was on a search for some dupes when I came across a UK makeup brand that specializes in dupes for many popular high end makeup. I have purchased two eye shadow palettes that are”dupes” for Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2. Let’s get onto the review!

W7 is a UK cosmetic brands that prices are comparable to drugstore cosmetics here in Canada or even in the US. I found this brand because they are known for their Urban Decay Palette Dupes along with Too Faced Heart Bronzers and other popular products!

Here is an photo to show that the colors are almost IDENTICAL between the two palettes. Many people do buy these palettes for the color selection that Urban Decay offers since you have the opportunity to create many different eye looks in one place.

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W7 In The Buff Lightly Toasted – Dupe For – Urban Decay Naked 1Urban Decay Naked 1
W7 In The BuffW7 In The Buff – Dupe For – Urban Decay Naked 2



  • Quality is very hit or miss in the W7 palettes.
    • The 1st one; majority of the eye-shadows were poor quality, very chalky and when blended out they disappear. Many just look grey or dull when applied.
    • The 2nd one; surprised at how good the pigmentation is! The shimmer shades have a great formula and look beautiful on the eyes, and the 5th shade had become my favorite crease shade.
  • It is not as pigmented as Urban Decay but the 2nd one does have great pigmentation for what it is, and you can use wet as well to intensify the shadow even more!
  • Urban Decay will last you longer in the sense that you may only need to dip your brush in once where as the W7 are more of a build-able formula.
  • The black shade: usually you can judge quality by their black eyes shadow since it is hard to get the proper opacity.
    • The black shade in the 1st W7 is shimmery and patchy ..
    • The black shade in the 2nd W7 is smooth and matte, very good!
  • Wear time:
    • I have tried the first W7 palette two times, using all different shades and they disappeared from my eyes within the hour and creased alot. Even when tested on my arm, if i rubbed the swatches they would fade away.
    • The 2nd W7 palette I have worn several times, and the wear time was probably about 4 hours without primer. It didn’t crease much but the color would slowly fade. The shimmers stayed in place for a long time with the intensity as originally applied
  • Yes you can wet them and it will increase pigmentation and intensity.


I loved having these palettes just for the sense that I was able to test out colors that were in the Urban Decay palettes. I was disappointed in the quality of the Lightly Toasted by W7 but I realized that I never reached for it more or less due to the color selection. I frequently use the W7 In The Buff palette and I now know that I would love to purchase the Naked 2 by Urban Decay. 

It gave me a good guideline as to which urban decay palette to purchase but if you are looking for great quality and great price I would suggest these other palettes:


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© Amanda Mallie, 2016


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