It’s More Than Just Hair | During Your Twenties

Over a year ago I created a site called “during your twenties” something that I have turned into a segment here. I wanted to share one of the firsts posts I’ve ever written about. It was about a change in my look, and while it wasn’t drastic, at the time I was really struggling with how to handle change. A simple good experience helped a lot. 

Written May 8th, 2015 :
It truly is more than just hair. A person’s hair is their image, it shows personality, it’s a creative outlet.

For two years I have not cut, or dyed my hair. I have just left it. In two years it has grown from brushing my shoulders all the way down to my lower back. It is very nice and glamorous to have such long flowing hair. But it came to a point where I would always put it into a pony tail or in a bun. I was getting lazy. So it was time for a change.

Now hair grows back, it is something you can always change. But after two years of it remaining the same and natural, I found it nerve racking to think “when I leave here, I will look different.” Because of anxiety, I was never really able to think of what look I really wanted, so I went into the salon with no expectations.

The stylist was very quiet which made me nervous, usually I don’t like to talk anyways but this time it made know have no idea what to expect. I asked her to cut off the split ends, and add layers. She said “okay.” Then she began to cut. It ended up being like every other haircut. Hearing snipping and seeing the floor covered in hair. I know she was cutting a lot off, I could tell by the long chunks on the floor. But I just breathed and kept calm. The unknown just gets to you sometimes …

Fast forward to the reveal. She straightened my hair so I would know how long the longest would be. I looked at myself in the mirror and immediately I began feeling my hair. It was so beautiful. Simple. You could see the layers and it framed my face and added dimension. It hit right above my chest when straight. I was surprised about how much I love and embraced this change.

I felt confident again.
From anxious to confidence in the span of half an hour.
I faced my fear of change this time. I love feeling proud of myself.

Thank you to the lovely salon!

Fast forward to the present. At that time she really only cut 3-4 inches off, safe to say it grew back quick, leading to a not so pleasant hair experience that happened this year. But that story will be for another day.


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