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I used some form of technology every day, whether it be my laptop, phone, television, camera or even my fitbit, and for some reason the screen are always dirty. Often times I don’t notice it right away but at times I catch a glance at it from a different angle and am appalled by the amount of dust or finger prints! Well FINALLY there is an affordable, convenient and safe product to help!

I was fortunate enough to be contacted by a company called Wireless Wipes to which they sent me their product line for my to test out and give an honest review!

ww-flat-layWireless Wipes is a company that produces wipes made especially for electronics and other delicate surfaces. Their goal is to keep your everyday devices as clean as possible in the easiest way! They are specially designed to clean and sanitize mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, eyeglasses, and laptop computer screens.

Their products are fast drying and come in three different scents!
Rosemary Peppermint / Pomegranate Citrus / Green Tea CucumberWW ALL.jpgThe scents are very accurate to the name. Green Tea Cucumber is my favorite!

As mentioned previously I tend not to clean my electronics or even my glasses that often due to fear of ruining them and the time consuming-ness of cleaning everything. When I first tried Wireless Wipes I gathered all the products it claims to clean: mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, eyeglasses, and laptop computer screens

I was able to clean ALL MY DEVICES WITH ONE WIPE! I was amazed to say the least. In addition I decided to see if it would clean a flat screen TV. I was able to wipe a 40″ flat screen television with one wipe! The thing I loved most about the product is that it doesn’t leave the devices wet or oily in any way, and in addition there are no streak marks from where you wiped it.

Wireless Wipes come in two size packages:12 Pack & 20 PackWW SIZE.jpg

Wireless Wipes are also very affordable products!
They have a Subscription type system where you pay only $2 for one pack of wipes and that will reoccur on a monthly basis. You can choose to do one package per month or a variety pack ($6) in which you get one package of each scent. I think this is a great reminder to keep your devices clean since its something that is easily forgotten about, at least it is for myself!

WW BTS.jpgOverall I am very pleased with Wireless Wipes! I have been using them for a couple weeks now and just love the convenience of the product. One critique I have it that I wished it opened from the top rather than the bottom, unfortunately I made the mistake of opening it the wrong way … woops. This can easily be fixed or even by adding the word open to the arrow on the packaging, but again it is more of a user error.

For only $2 I would recommend that you try this product! No matter what your verdict is you won’t be “in the hole” too much and it is a positive product that is created to help you be germ free and avoid sickness! (Will come in handy during flu season!)

Thank you all for reading, and thank you to Wireless Wipes for showing me a new product to use that is a lot better than soap and water, baby wipes or eyeglass cleaner for cleaning my devices! 

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid to review the products or make any posts regarding the products. Products were sent to me under the impression that I would test them and speak about them if I wished. I chose to share my thoughts and experience.

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