10: Current Fall Trends | What I Should Wear

Fashion trends for each season are often inspired by things brought out by the runway. While those are the most influential in the high end retail sector, I chose to focus on the trends that concern the “every woman”. There are trends that I have been seeing in retail stores as well as bloggers. Ironically there were an even number of 10 trends that really stood out to me. All items shown are easy to find and pretty affordable!


fall-casual-2fall-casual1. Jean Jacket: Such a staple piece that everyone should have! Light wash is great for day-to-day casual wear, where as darker denim can be easily dressed up or down to go with any outfit. (Jacket is Topshop from Nordstrom)

2. Sleeveless Trenchcoat
: This is a newer outerwear trend, great for those in-between weather days when you still want to dress for the season while being comfortable. Love vests with long sleeve shirts underneath. (Similar Vest at Zara)

3. Plaid Shirt: Probably the first clothing piece you think of when the season changes. Plaid button down shirts, especially if flannel, are a fall statement that will never go away. Invest in a great plaid in a blue, black or burgundy shade, since it will never be well loved! (Shirt from AEO)

4. Turtlenecks: These are a great transitional piece from fall to winter.There are several types of turtlenecks available from different stores so you can find the one that is most comfortable for you. For example, I prefer a ‘cowl’ neck since it does not sit right against the neck like a traditional turtleneck. (Shirt from H&M)

fall-busniess5. Tailored Dress: The new, better version of a bodycon dress. A tailored dress has structure, and is meant to sit nicely on your body in ways in which would be flattering opposed to tightly hugging it. Often times the ‘seams’ will show in one way or another to create an illusion of a shape. (Dress from Joe Fresh)

6. Blanket Scarf: These are one of my most favorite accessories of the season. They are great for those long days at school where you would love to have a blanket or pillow while studying! Other than that, these scarves can be tied many different ways and are usually soft and can make any outfit look cozy. (Scarf from Forever 21)

fall-formal7. Distressed Jeans: Whether you DIY your own or choose to search for your favorite pair, distressed jeans add a bit of edge to any outfit. Its okay to not look put together all the time, but they make outfits look interesting and can be super comfortable. (Jeans from AEO)

8. Leather Booties: The ‘IT’ shoes for the season! They seem to go with every outfit. You can easily pair them with any pair of pants for the work days, but can also be paired with many other pieces such as dresses or jeans. In addition, they are super comfortable to walk in! (Booties from H&M)

9. Adidas Superstars: The comeback! Many 90’s trends are coming back in style and these shoes have increased in popularity this season. They are classics. The shoes can match with any casual outfit due to the simple style and colors used. Wear runners has now become cool again! There are colorful options but most are flocking to the classic white with black stripe option. (Adidas’s from Bloomingdales) *Available at several other stores.

10. 2 Strap Heels: Sometimes simple is better. Wearing these two strapped shoes, one strap around the ankle and one across the toes, is a great look that can match with any outfit. The simplicity of the shoes adds a bit of elegance to any outfit. My favorite is finding these shoes in either black or beige color. (Heels from The Bay)

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© Amanda Mallie, 2016


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