Don’t Go Broke | Amazing Date Night Ideas

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with easy things to do with your significant other or even a friend/family member! These are some simple ideas that are very cost efficient, because why go broke to have fun? Ideas range from $0-$30. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

($) = Under $15 / ($$) = $15-$30

NS_Paint030416_1600.jpgDIY Paint and Sip! ($)
Have you ever heard of those classes where you can go and learn to paint while drinking wine? It is pretty expensive if you go somewhere to do it, but you can do it at home for cheap! Go to your local dollar store and buy some canvas’ and a few bottles of paint. Next, get something to drink, please follow drinking restricts, no under aged drinking allowed! Next, go home, lay down an old sheet on the floor and set up a Youtube video on how to pain (ex. Bob Ross). Get ready and go! You can do this with anyone; family, siblings, significant other, or even alone! (Idea courtesy of my boyfriend)

Go Ice Skating ($)
Not crafty? That’s okay! Why not go ice skating, if you both already have skates! This is such a fun idea and can cost next to nothing. Need both pairs sharpened? Ask if they do a Buy One Get One Free sharpening, most places do! What to do after skating? The best suggestion I can think of is to go back home, make some home made hot chocolate or mocha’s, bake some cookies and relax watching Netflix. It is a pretty simple idea but is great to make the day special with whoever you choose to spend it with!


Teamwork Video Game ($)/($$)
This is something I personally love to do! I don’t have a game system at home so when I am with others I love when we can play together. Two games I would suggest are BattleBlock theater or Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. Both these games are so much fun in pairs or groups and gets you to work together and communicate through amazing levels! The games are nothing “mindblowing” but they are made to be fun, which they are! This idea really only costs is the game rental and maybe a $5 pizza from Pizza Hut.It will make for a really fun night!

Collage73489329034.jpgDIY Edible Arrangement ($)/($$)
Like to bake? Why not make your own Edible Arrangement! I promise it is very simple and very creatively stimulating as well as TASTY! You go to the grocery store and buy your favorite fruits, and then go to a bulk food store and buy some chocolate (special baking kind). Melt the chocolate in a pot either on the stove or in the microwave. Once melted, dip away! Put in freezer to cool and then enjoy!

Go For A Walk ($)
Simple right? This is something I forget about doing because it is just so simple, and free. Around my city, there are a lot of places to walk, whether it be by the river, on a walking trail, or even just around our neighborhood. Its so nice to walk around old places and share old memories with someone you enjoy spending time with. Ice cream or a snack is also a nice addition.

I hope you feel inspired by these ideas and enjoy them!

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