My Life in February | Monthly Favorites

February flew by! While I feel like not a whole lot changed this month, there have been some new discoveries, new routines and new experiences that happened. It was a roller coaster of a month that’s for sure, but I have learned a whole lot! Here is what happened in February as well as the things I have been loving!

step-counter.jpgGetting My Life Together!
Health is important, and that is something I am learning more and more. While you may see yourself as healthy and look well on the outside doesn’t mean that you are the same on the inside. I have seen a doctor who tests to see that I am healthy, and while I was doing better before I unfortunately resorted back to my old ways of unhealthiness. I learnt that simple decisions we make can really harm or benefit our bodies. After a very honest meeting I decided I was going to make a change. I am going to take control of my health and be more active and eat cleaner. So I made friends with my treadmill, and we have been going strong since. 

c5jiyzewiaeq_paFeeling the Love
February’s most famous holiday “Valentine’s Day”! I am fortunate enough to be in a loving relationship with a wonderful man for the past almost 3 years. I appreciate having him in my life and getting able to celebrate our relationship was really nice. He and I both know March will be a very stressful month for me, and understands that school comes first. Thankful he is big on academics and really motivates me to try hard and do my best and not to worry about our relationship.

Mani’s of The Month
1. Julep’s Ebony – Grey Base with Rainbow Holo / Charcoal grey in normal light, super rainbow in natural/sun light. Loved it!
2. Revlon’s Romantique – Neutral Pink Creme / Bad application, use topcoat to smooth the polish, looked alot better. Lasted so long!
3. Julep’s Tali – Matte Icy Blue Holo / First Julep polish every bought. It looks matte when theres no topcoat. Mermaid color holo!


FitBit Alta
I have had been a FitBit user for over a year now, and I have had my Alta for maybe 7 months, but it has become a part of my daily outfits. I upgraded to the Alta because I loved that it could also be used as a watch, I would say I use that feature the most. But it also comes in handy when I don’t have my phone in hand because I can see text and call notification on the screen. And overall I do think it motivates me to move more especially if its a super low number or if I am very close to 10k!


I really didn’t wear much makeup this month, and nothing too new in my skincare routine. But hoping to wear it more and take care of my skin more next month! Also haven’t really bought much clothes so no new brands to talk about!

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