Staying Up To Date | University Survival Tips

Don’t you just love when your professors decide to pick an “unbusy” week for assignments to be due, yet they all have the same thought meaning everything is due within the same week .. that’s what happened to me this semester. Here I am going to show you the best tip I have for making sure I know everything I need to do and when to do it (besides from my agenda). I think it’s a big help!

When in school, I am on my computer a lot, even though I do hand write some notes, its inevitable to avoid my laptop. And while I live by my agenda, sometimes it’s hard to get it out (because it is so large) when all I need is a simple reminder. So this year I came up with this easy organized way to have everything you need laid out on your desktop, and it is very simple and easy. Also, since I am in my busiest week, there is a lot of information I need to remember at any given moment.

This is my Home Screen!


How I accomplished this:

  • First I downloaded an extension called “Sticky Notes” from the store (and it’s free!)
  • The I spaced it out along the top allowing for 4 sections
    • I like the size differences since some information needs more room than others
  • The color coding is for aesthetics but they have 6 different colors to choose from if you want to color code it!
    • This note is for all the next assignments or tests that are coming up.
    • Each class has their own row and small reminders of what to do.
    • Great for remembering what assignment is for what class and whether there are papers, presentations or tests.
  • Next is “NOTES”
    • This is when I jot down little things.
    • Whether it be reminders of people to contact (such as Jerry for school project)
    • Or something really important to do for class
  • Thirdly is “IMPORTANT DATES” 
    • I am a huge lover of time, I need to always know what is coming next and when.
    • Here I put all my classes and dates that important things are due.
    • As you can see it is organized by what it coming next so the order will change to keep it in time order.
  • Lastly is “THINGS TO WRITE”
    • When I have so many things do I tend to jump around a lot in my head thinking I need to do some things before others.
    • This tab keeps me grounded to know the order in which things will be occurring as well as what to finish first before moving on to the next.

In addition to the notes, I kept a really clean and stylish background that is still fun but also functional. It isn’t a distraction such as photos or quotes would be. I usually just search: “tumblr patterned backgrounds” into google!

This technique has been such a life saver for keeping me up to date. While it may seem repetitive it keeps everything noted so you won’t forget what is coming up next.

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