Garage Clothing | Brand Review

The first review of Garage that I did was several years ago, and since then the post has blown up! Years have passed and brands do change over time, so I really wanted to take a minute and make an updated BRAND REVIEW! In my brand reviews I share my objective opinion on the quality, … Continue reading Garage Clothing | Brand Review


Our Engagement Story

Surprise! We're engaged On April 26th I had the biggest surprise of my life, I was left completely speechless. While on a small staycation to a chic little hotel to celebrate our five years of dating Josh asked me to marry him and of course I said yes! It's been a few months now but … Continue reading Our Engagement Story

Aerie | Brand Review

I can finally say I have tried almost every different product AERIE has to offer, and I am here to tell you exactly what I think so they I can help you shop next time you are looking for some comfy, cozy lounge wear! (no sponsorship, just real thoughts!) Aerie is a lounge wear and … Continue reading Aerie | Brand Review