Staying Up To Date | University Survival Tips

Don’t you just love when your professors decide to pick an “unbusy” week for assignments to be due, yet they all have the same thought meaning everything is due within the same week .. that’s what happened to me this semester. Here I am going to show you the best tip I have for making sure I know everything I need to do and when to do it (besides from my agenda). I think it’s a big help! Continue reading “Staying Up To Date | University Survival Tips”


October Favorites | Current Obsessions!

This October I have been right into fall! Everything fall! I have been making mochas and coco’s like crazy and loving anything that involves apples! But there have been a lot of new loves this busy month, especially when it comes to my makeup! I have kept things very warm toned with both high end and drugstore products! Keep reading to find out more …

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Relax With Romantic Stories | Jennifer E. Smith Books

Reading is a very beneficial habit to develop. I get into swings where I will read a lot and find it easy to get into books and then not read many books at all. But everytime Jennifer E. Smith comes out with a new book, I always purchase it right away!

I love my classic young adult books! And recently I find that I will always read a Jennifer E. Smith YA book. She brings such relatable stories and situations that you have dreamed about happening to yourself, I find I can easily put myself in the characters mindset and feel the love or hurt that the specific character may be feeling. I have read three of her recent best selling books and I have wrote a bit about them below!

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