It’s More Than Just Hair | During Your Twenties

Over a year ago I created a site called “during your twenties” something that I have turned into a segment here. I wanted to share one of the firsts posts I’ve ever written about. It was about a change in my look, and while it wasn’t drastic, at the time I was really struggling with how to handle change. A simple good experience helped a lot.¬† Continue reading “It’s More Than Just Hair | During Your Twenties”


The Bra-less Week | Everything You Want To Know

Yes, it is possible, and I promise you will learn a lot about yourself and what you like. I have never been a bra type of person. I have a hard time finding one that is my perfect size, like a very difficult time. So I do resort to sports bras and bralettes when I really do not feel like being uncomfortable. I am not new to this “no bra” ideal.

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Garage Clothing | Brand Review

I feel as though I have been speaking a lot about the different brands that I go to in my local mall (Devonshire Mall). One of my go to stores is Garage. Below I give a bit of brand info., and my review about their style, quality and customer service.

*Click HERE to go to GARAGE online*

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5 Minute Makeup Routine | Easy for Everyone

Makeup, the world of cosmetics.

I have seen people take an hour to do a full face of makeup. There are even “challenges” on youtube of people trying to do their makeup super quickly. But for myself, my makeup routine has always been so quick, I have even done the same routine in the car on my way to some place (in the passenger seat of course). From my point of view I do not understand the purpose of the hour long makeup application process since mine on average takes 5-10 minutes.

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