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Fall BeautyCon Box | Surprise Promo!

I received an email this morning from a great company who gave me a great offer to share with all of you who would love to try the newest BeautyCon Box! Continue reading for more info about BeautyCon Box as well as the surprise promotion! Continue reading “Fall BeautyCon Box | Surprise Promo!”


Keep Your Tech Clean | Wireless Wipes

I used some form of technology every day, whether it be my laptop, phone, television, camera or even my fitbit, and for some reason the screen are always dirty. Often times I don’t notice it right away but at times I catch a glance at it from a different angle and am appalled by the amount of dust or finger prints! Well FINALLY there is an affordable, convenient and safe product to help! Continue reading “Keep Your Tech Clean | Wireless Wipes”


Great Joe Fresh Offer! | I’ve Got A Deal For You

I wanted to make a super quick post to share this amazing offer I have for all of you!!! Keep reading to find out what it is …

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W7 Eyeshadow Palettes | Dupe for Urban Decay?

Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow Pallets have become a cult classic for all those who love makeup, and especially eye shadow! But, I personally think it is a little silly to spend $54 on an eye shadow palette. So I was on a search for some dupes when I came across a UK makeup brand that specializes in dupes for many popular high end makeup. I have purchased two eye shadow palettes that are”dupes” for Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2. Let’s get onto the review!

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NO BUY JULY | Bettering Myself (and my wallet)

Sound silly? Yes probably, but it’s not extreme as it may seem! I am making this post, to basically hold myself accountable to follow through with this ‘experience’. The past few months, specifically April, May and June, I have found that I have been spending a lot of money on many unnecessary things which I will explain further. And since I am a person who loves to save money, I want to give myself the opportunity to get back into my normal savings habit. What I have decided to do is go on a NO-BUY for the month of JULY. 

Continue reading to see the guidelines I have set for myself! 
I will be posting updates throughout the month on how I’ve been doing.

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Creative Stocking Stuffers | holidayblogging

Usually I am really good at choosing gifts, but this year i find that it has been easier for me to choose stocking stuffers or “add on” gifts. These gifts are all under $10 and are simple ideas that most will love!

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What we do on Date Night | Let’s Chat About Life

I love sharing my personal life especially because sometimes I do things a little different than other people. Yes, I am in a relationship with a wonderful guy who appreciate my money saving ways. We don’t have formal date nights often but when we do they are really great and memorable. I just felt like sharing about last night. Along with the story there are some money saving tips as well! Enjoy ♥

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Original Beauty Blender Disaster | Before You Buy

I am so sad to report this, but  you need to know …

My Beauty Blender Grew Mold!

Now lets get logical for a minute. Yes this was bound to happen. When a sponge gets wet, and is mixed with warm or confined areas, mold begins to form. Unless you take proper care of the sponge and wash it all the time. So I thought.

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Clothing Items You Just Need | Brand verses Brand

I thought that it would be interesting to compare some must have style pieces that are super trendy this spring/summer season from two of my favorite brands: H&M and Forever 21

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