10: Current Fall Trends | What I Should Wear

Fashion trends for each season are often inspired by things brought out by the runway. While those are the most influential in the high end retail sector, I chose to focus on the trends that concern the “every woman”. There are trends that I have been seeing in retail stores as well as bloggers. Ironically there were an even number of 10 trends that really stood out to me. All items shown are easy to find and pretty affordable! Continue reading “10: Current Fall Trends | What I Should Wear”


This Seasons Hottest Styles | Spring Trends

While shopping and walking around the city/internet, there are several styles I have consistently been seeing. And for once, I am in love with most of these trends! Here are 9 styles that are very “in” this season and ways in which you can convert your current wardrobe to be trendy!

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FREE Shipping | Time To Shop

Ahh, how I love free shipping. Most sites, shipping can be more than your actual purchase. Plus anything that is free is great right? I think so! I chose an array of stores ranging from clothing, jewelry, home and accessories. Here is an update on the shipping prices for online shops: (Click the store name to be directed to the site)

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Clothing Items You Just Need | Brand verses Brand

I thought that it would be interesting to compare some must have style pieces that are super trendy this spring/summer season from two of my favorite brands: H&M and Forever 21

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