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My Life in February | Monthly Favorites

February flew by! While I feel like not a whole lot changed this month, there have been some new discoveries, new routines and new experiences that happened. It was a roller coaster of a month that’s for sure, but I have learned a whole lot! Here is what happened in February as well as the things I have been loving!

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NO BUY JULY | Bettering Myself (and my wallet)

Sound silly? Yes probably, but it’s not extreme as it may seem! I am making this post, to basically hold myself accountable to follow through with this ‘experience’. The past few months, specifically April, May and June, I have found that I have been spending a lot of money on many unnecessary things which I will explain further. And since I am a person who loves to save money, I want to give myself the opportunity to get back into my normal savings habit. What I have decided to do is go on a NO-BUY for the month of JULY. 

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I will be posting updates throughout the month on how I’ve been doing.

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What we do on Date Night | Let’s Chat About Life

I love sharing my personal life especially because sometimes I do things a little different than other people. Yes, I am in a relationship with a wonderful guy who appreciate my money saving ways. We don’t have formal date nights often but when we do they are really great and memorable. I just felt like sharing about last night. Along with the story there are some money saving tips as well! Enjoy ♥

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#campinghacks? | First Time Camper

Yes I am twenty years old, and yes I have never been camping. New experience!

While it may be assumed that I am clueless on this topic, I have come up with some hacks that were inspired by youtubers, and pinners (pinterest peoples). Camping in a cabin still counts in this situation. Just instead of a tent over my head it is a log roof. I still need a lot of the essentials that tent campers would need.

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Take Away Some Stress | 3 Simple Ideas

Being a student is never easy, but neither is being human. Everyone experiences stress at some point, and personally I have a difficult time dealing with stress. Usually my weight, eating habits and mental health are affected, eventually a cycle forms and one thing affects the other. Here are some ways that help me de-stress:

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