October Favorites | Current Obsessions!

This October I have been right into fall! Everything fall! I have been making mochas and coco’s like crazy and loving anything that involves apples! But there have been a lot of new loves this busy month, especially when it comes to my makeup! I have kept things very warm toned with both high end and drugstore products! Keep reading to find out more …

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W7 Eyeshadow Palettes | Dupe for Urban Decay?

Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow Pallets have become a cult classic for all those who love makeup, and especially eye shadow! But, I personally think it is a little silly to spend $54 on an eye shadow palette. So I was on a search for some dupes when I came across a UK makeup brand that specializes in dupes for many popular high end makeup. I have purchased two eye shadow palettes that are”dupes” for Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2. Let’s get onto the review!

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Easy & Simply Elegant Eyeshadow| L’Oreal La Palette Nude

Yesterday I was playing around with my makeup since I have my little station all ready and looking great, and I created my go to eye look for fall! I thought I would share the process of how to achieve the look since I found it to be super simple!

Unintentionally, this look features the L’Oreal La Palette Nude 1. I will speak more about this palette and the other products used once I get into the tutorial. I hope you enjoy!

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Covering All The Basics | Topbox September 2015

Very very pleased with this Topbox, I would easily say it is my favorite one that I have received!

In this box I received four products:
an eye shadow, nail polish, hair styling product and a lipstick.

To know my review of the products and which brands I received
continue reading!

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Here’s To The Wild One’s | Beauty Insider Exclusive

Brand New . Limited Edition Collection .Β The perfect lip and nail looks for the fall season for every budget.

Keep Reading to learn more about Wet n’ Wild “Here’s to The Wild One’s” collection. I was very impressed!
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Your Lips : Subtle or Classic | Maybelline Monday

A month ago I won a ton of Maybelline makeup! Now that I have had time to try everything out I am ready to share what I think of the products. Instead of just doing one post, I decided to separate the collections so I can give you a full review. This Maybelline Monday is about :

Color Blur Lipstick by LipStudio & Maybelline

All 10 Shades!

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Rimmel Nude Lips Collection by Kate | Test It Out

While at work I stumbled upon these Rimmel Lipsticks by Kate that were not the traditional Black and Red packaging. So immediately I knew what that meant: NEW COLLECTION! Swatches and review are below *

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Original Beauty Blender Disaster | Before You Buy

I am so sad to report this, but Β you need to know …

My Beauty Blender Grew Mold!

Now lets get logical for a minute. Yes this was bound to happen. When a sponge gets wet, and is mixed with warm or confined areas, mold begins to form. Unless you take proper care of the sponge and wash it all the time. So I thought.

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The Perfect Bronzer | ‘Superstore’ Edition

I have never used bronzer before (gasp!) But after reinventing my makeup routine for summer, I thought that I would finally add one bronzer to my makeup drawer. Since it would be my first time using bronzer, I did not want to spend a lot of money on something I may not even enjoy using. So for the past couple weeks I have been on the search for the perfect bronzer.

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